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Zero bezel LED seamless video wall, W5500S VS W5500Z



How can I differentiate similar models W5500S and W5500Z zero bezel LED seamless video wall?


Both W5500S and W5500Z are the state of the art latest version zero bezel LED seamless video wall screens. They share the most significant feature: both can create true zero bezel LED seamless video walls. There will be no any black or dark lines appeared on the area between the 2 neighboring screens after installation. Compared to traditional nearly seamless super narrow bezel Lcd/led video wall, it is a big progress in technology innovation and invention.


Their common features are as follow:


● Zero bezel, No gaps visible, 100% active area


● 4K and full HD , 700 to 2000 nits super high brightness


● Extremely perfect video quality


● LED backlight, energy-saving


● PIP &POP, Daisy chaining solution


● Audio out plus USB plug and play


● Landscape or portrait installation


● Ultra-light weight design, easy installation


● Up to 10*10 tile configuration


● Over MTBF 60,000 hours above lifespan


● 7x24 hours continuous working


● Longer lifetime, MTBF 60,000 hours above



The only difference between the W5500S and W5500Z is that their contrast ratio is not same. The W5500S has 1400:1 contrast ratio while the W5500Z enjoys 3500:1. In most application situations, audience will enjoy the same watching effect whichever model is installed. Only when there is special strict technology requirement on quality of image/picture details, they will have quite different watching effect. The lower contrast ratio, the less image details presented, and vice versa. W5500Z is designed to fit this special need to clearly show people more image details as much as possible. If we expect to have super clear perfect image details, W5500Z is no doubt our correct choice. However, in many applications, no special requirement on this, thus W5500S is also perfect. In a word, it is up to actual special need.



How we can differentiate the difference between them then? 


Basically, it is quite hard and almost impossible to differentiate them by any pictures and videos. This is because both look same in pictures and videos. The best way to differentiate them is to build 2 sets of smallest tile configuration video walls,2x2 or 2x1, and install them side by side for easy comparison. After installation, we can send  HD or full HD or 4k pictures to the 2 video walls and then we can see the difference.



The video wall using W5500Z will clearly show audience more correct finest image details while the W5500S will not be able to show correct image details clearly. To examine the difference correctly, we need to carefully test them and finally we will have to correct conclusion.